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 Mr Tien Thanh Phan’s passion for violin making began over four decades ago in 1979, and he has never stopped striving for excellence. His unwavering commitment to his craft paid off in 1994 when Tien’s Violin shop was opened in Ho Chi Minh city, and has since become a trusted source of high-quality instruments in Vietnam. Tien’s instruments, particularly those based on the unique shape of Collin Mezin violins, has continuously improved upon its sound quality, focusing on an incredible and unique sound with a deep, warm bass supporting powerful, clear, and bright treble tones. Thanks to his skill and dedication, Tien’s reputation has extended far beyond Vietnam, reaching many orchestras in Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan, who rely on Tien’s instruments to create beautiful music to awe audiences around the world. Now, Tien is excited to bring his instruments to the US with the launch of Tien’s Violin in America. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, Tien’s Violin has a lineup for all player skill levels, ensuring there is a perfect instrument for everyone to fully express and immerse themselves.

 To learn more about Tien’s Violin and to inquire about purchasing an instrument, please contact Andrew Phan at (+1) 209-641-5353. 

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